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The importance of tail-lift lighting

05 December 2019

On commercial delivery trucks and trailers, if the overhead lighting doesn’t clearly illuminate the tail-lift platform and the working area at the rear of the vehicle, accidents can happen, explains Labcraft.

Research carried out by the HSE estimated the human and economic cost of ‘falls from commercial vehicle’ incidents in the UK over a one-year period was in excess of £36.5 million. A sizeable proportion of these are falls from tail-lifts.

It doesn’t matter whether you are making an urban, retail park or rural delivery, there are safety implications associated with every delivery whether it is a van, truck or trailer.

Many large depots have dedicated loading bays which should be lit to meet health & safety guidelines, however tall vehicles can block this light even when it comes from lamps that are high up on posts, on walls, ceilings or canopies.

Many commercial delivery trucks and trailers are fitted with tail-lifts to make the loading and unloading process as quick and easy as possible, but what if the overhead lighting doesn’t clearly illuminate the tail-lift platform and working area at the rear of the vehicle?

If you can’t clearly see what you are doing, then the following accidents are waiting to happen:

  • SLIPS & TRIPS – Relying on what you think may or may not be beneath you could result in slipping or tripping over anything that may have accidently fallen onto the tail-lift platform from the rear of the vehicle, such as packaging, pallet strapping or even liquids that have leaked in transit.
  • FALLS – Whilst working during dawn, twilight or during darkness, we often have to guess on our footings. If we are not in a brightly lit environment this can easily lead to falls directly from the tail-lift platform.
  • FALLING GOODS – If you can’t clearly see what is happening, then anything falling from the vehicle or tail-lift platform can cause damage to the goods, the vehicle and staff.

LED lighting

Installation of LED tail-lift lights projecting down on the tail-lift platform and the surrounding area can instantly benefit you in the following areas:

  • Improve driver safety
  • Reduce risks to staff and third parties
  • Minimise risk of load damage
  • Reduce collision risk when loading/unloading
  • Increase productivity
  • Cut costs (vehicle damage, fines)

To discuss your commercial vehicle interior and exterior LED lighting options contact the Labcraft Team on 01799 513434 or sales@labcraft.co.uk or visit: www.labcraft.co.uk.