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A bright interior for commercial fleets

08 December 2020

ANYONE SPENDING time on the road transporting heavy loads needs good visibility inside the vehicle.

During the dark months of the year it’s not just the exterior lights on a vehicle that are important, the interior lighting in your van, truck or trailer is equally as important.

A bright interior is important for efficient working and prevents any slips, trips and falls, which can lead to time off work and even compensation pay-outs!

Labcraft offer a range of superior interior commercial vehicle LED lighting solutions designed specifically for the van, truck and trailer markets. Manufactured by Labcraft in the UK, the range of interior lamps offer a clean, bright, white light with minimal power draw to create a safer working environment.

These powerful interior LED lights are very low in profile, surface mount for quick and easy installation and recess variants for refrigerated vehicles, both of which allow for maximum loading capacity within the vehicle. This in turn also reduces the risk of accidental damage within the commercial vehicle resulting in less time off the road due to downtime, saving you money!

  • Improve Safety / Reduce Accidents 

  • Increase Productivity 

  • Cut Costs 

  • Made in the UK 

  • 10 Year Warranty 

For more information, visit www.labcraft.co.uk