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Response to HSE's enhanced first aid guidance

21 November 2018

ST JOHN Ambulance welcomes the HSE’s updated first aid guidance calling on businesses to pay attention to the mental health of their employees as well as their physical health and safety.

The charity firmly believes that taking care of our own and one another’s mental wellbeing, whether it’s managing stress, depression or another condition, is as important as looking after physical illness.

As a practical starting point, business leaders can ensure they have an appropriate number of trained mental health first aiders among their workforces and for the last 15 months, we have been helping them to do this.

Working with Mental Health First Aid England, St John Ambulance have now trained more than 6,000 people around the country as workplace mental health first aiders and are prepared for this number to grow exponentially.

They are also hosting their first national conference on best practice next month [6/7th December].

The charity’s long-term goal is to support people in workplaces and communities in their whole health and wellbeing, and are confident many employers will now join them in this aim.