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Readers of HSM can now earn CPD

08 December 2020

READERS OF Health and Safety Matters can now earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points by reading the print and digital editions of the magazine.

CPD assists individuals to regularly focus on how they can become a more competent and effective sector-focused professional. Health and Safety Matters (HSM) has partnered with The Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) who are a CPD-accredited association.

Thanks to the new arrangement, the readers of HSM will earn one informal CPD point ratified by the IFSM for every two hours that they spend reading the journal in print or online, with half a point gained for every hour of reading. Reading HSM ensures that, as a practising health and safety practitioner, you’re always up-to-date in terms of the latest developments in the industry. As such, this is a recognised CPD activity under the IFSM’s popular scheme. 

Speaking about the new CPD arrangement for the readers of HSM, Bob Docherty (chairman of the IFSM) commented: “The Institute is delighted to be working in partnership with Health and Safety Matters in offering CPD points to those who read the magazine and engage with its digital content such as webinars."

Readers are able to self-award these informal points and apply them to their continued professional development. 

Western Business Media (publisher of HSM) CEO Mark Sennett added: “We are extremely grateful to IFSM for allowing readers of all of our publications to be awarded informal CPD points. This is a testament to the engagement of our readers and how highly our content is regarded. This really sets us apart from other publications and is a unique benefit for our audience."