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Officer wellbeing vitally important

14 February 2019

THE POLICE Federation has published its demand, capacity and welfare survey. It questioned more than 18,000 officers for their views on demand and how it has affected them

Responding to the report, the National Police Chiefs’ Council Lead for Wellbeing, chief constable Andy Rhodes said, “Police chiefs will look carefully at the findings of this survey which provides valuable feedback and reiterates the extremely challenging situations and environments our officers face every day. It is vitally important that they receive support and care because as a society we have an obligation to look after the men and women whose job it is to keep us safe.

“April sees the launch the national police wellbeing service, which, supported by the Oscar Kilo team, will provide forces with expertise on things like occupational health provision, training and health checks.

“The survey finds some improvements in reducing stigma and awareness of mental health, which is encouraging, but we need to continue focusing on workload, resources and line manager training so we can support our frontline staff.

“Working with police and crime commissioners and the Home Office we will make an evidence-based case for increased investment at the upcoming government spending review that takes into account the increased demand on officers and staff. It will also consider other changes that will benefit those working in policing and the public such as cutting bureaucracy and improving technology.”