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New glove sampling service launched by Unigloves

15 November 2018

SINGLE USE glove specialist Unigloves has launched a new free glove sampling service enabling Distributors, companies and workers to see and feel the quality of their gloves for themselves.

The new glove sampling service – available by clicking on ‘Request a sample’ from the www.unigloves.co.uk home page, is the latest customer support service developed by Unigloves. Covering the complete range of single use gloves, suitable for sectors including pharmaceutical, food and drink, automotive, engineering and manufacturing, new sample packs have been designed containing small, medium and large samples of individual gloves styles. 

The new service enables Distributors, companies and workers to try specific gloves for both sizing, comfort and suitability for the task at hand free of charge and supplements Unigloves’ free glove audit service, which sees one of the team work with companies to assess the best single use glove solution for them.

Through this service, a Unigloves glove expert goes on site to conduct an audit on work areas requiring single use hand protection.The data gathered will include the frequency of use, conditions of use, materials in contact, user feedback, and typical working temperatures.

The captured data is then entered into the Unigloves Glove Audit System, which recommends the optimal single use glove solution for the designated work areas. By using this data driven approach companies can improve working practices, increase worker protection and safety to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

“The new glove sampling service is the latest addition to our range of resources to help companies ensure they are selecting the right single use glove solution for their specific needs, enabling them to tap into our knowledge and expertise in a convenient, cost effective way.” said Unigloves Marketing Director, Donald Gillespie.

To find out more about the glove sampling service visit www.unigloves.co.uk or call Unigloves Customer Service on 0800 049 6602.