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New sustainability framework adopted by GORE-TEX Professional

19 April 2021

IN A major commitment to protecting people and the planet, GORE-TEX Professional has just launched its new Sustainability Framework.

Informed by global trends and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the move represents a key milestone for Gore Fabrics’ 30-year history of implementing social and environmental initiatives. Based on the principles of Protect, Prolong and Perform, the framework reflects an ongoing commitment to redefining the performance of Gore’s technical fabrics in ways that impact positively on people and the environment. From a fair, safe working environment, to the reduction of harmful chemicals, the GORE-TEX brand aims to minimise any contribution to climate change. The brand applies a scientific life cycle approach, with the goal to extending fabric life and maximising product durability. 

"With our new sustainability framework, we aim to redefine performance beyond technical product features to the benefit of both people and the planet. We will continue to focus our efforts on sustainability led innovations. We are proud to say that our sustainability framework meets the needs of our business, our customers, our industry and ultimately society", says Ross MacLaine, sustainability team leader of the Gore Fabrics Division.

Gore Fabrics’ commitment to balancing comfort with protection continues to be a hallmark of the company, and this new initiative confirms the company’s sustainable credentials.

The Sustainability Framework can be summaried as a simple equation: