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Everyday protective clothing from Gore

13 January 2020

A new PPE solution for electrical and utility workers exposed to the daily risk of electric arc incidents has just been launch by Gore Workwear.

New arc protection class 2 GORE® PYRAD® fabric will be manufactured into lightweight protective garments, such as coveralls, trousers and jackets.

GORE® PYRAD® protective garments are designed for everyday working scenarios, indoors and outdoors, in dry and temperate conditions and when waterproof protection isn’t required but when workers still need comfortable PPE to protect them against the thermal hazards of an electric arc. This new fabric technology provides class 2 electric arc protection and complies with EN 61482-1-2: protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc. It also provides EN 61482-1-1 Open arc value of an ATPV at 39 cal/cm² and an ELIM value of 33 cal/cm². At 330 g/m2 the new one ply laminate consists of three components in one fabric: the outer shell, a wafer thin non-flammable ePTFE membrane and the protective PYRAD® technology, and a flame retardant backer.

What does this all mean to the wearer? No burns on the skin, no burning garments, no holes in the fabric – despite exposure to incredibly intense heat. 

In an industry were complete worker protection often comes with the heavy compromise on wearer comfort, GORE® PYRAD® protective garments provide a multi-norm solution that are flexible and up to 50% lighter than other garments with class 2 protection. Available in a variety of colours including high vis yellow.