EU 27 Notification for UK Notified Bodies

28 October 2019

The prospect of a no deal Brexit threatens to cause the PPE sector in the EU significant issues. In the event of a “no deal”, and working on documents issued by the EU Commission, the validity of type examination certificates and approval decisions for PPE issued by UK Notified Bodies become invalid immediately in the “EU 27”, as UK Notified Bodies would lose their status

As a contingency, again in the event of a “no deal”, and in order to ensure ongoing product compliance to the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425, plans were developed to transfer product files to Notified Bodies in the EU 27. However due to capacity issues and lead times at existing Notified Bodies in the EU 27 the most timely way of enabling this process, and ongoing client support, is to have, or establish a sister company Notified in the EU 27. 

It is very encouraging to see that BSI have now received their Notification in the Netherlands.

BSI join Satra (Ireland), SGS (Finland), and Intertek (Italy) who had already achieved EU 27 Notification and were able to provide continuity, regardless of the type of brexit we end up with.

Historically UK Notified Bodies have a disproportionately high share of PPE certification, providing these services to the major PPE brands in the market. If indeed a no deal brexit materialises on October the 31st these Notified Bodies remain well placed.

Other UK Notified Bodies are at different stages in their application processes and BSIF remains available to support their efforts.