Personnel distancing systems from SizeZone

08 December 2020

ESS Safeforce makes advance order of 150 SiteZone Safety Personnel Distancing Systems for use within their business and for hire

In anticipation of its arrival into the safety market, ESS Safeforce, SiteZone’s hire partner, has made an advance order of 150 PDS for use in its own organisation, as well as for making some available for hire.

Ian Holt, who leads the heavy construction division at ESS Safeforce said: “We have been successful, exclusive hire partners and collaborators with SiteZone Safety for some years now and we know how effective its safety solutions are. Given the current pandemic conditions, it’s essential that our workers are protected and meet the 2m distance rule, just as much as our customers are. That’s why we will be using the SiteZone Safety PDS ourselves.”

SiteZone Safety’s PDS design journey started in the first quarantine of Spring 2020. The company was asked to devise, at short notice, a wearable physical distancing system to protect workers building NHS Nightingale in Birmingham, helping them to keep 2m distance apart. The company succeeded in creating the first field ready backpack PDS unit in the UK. The team soon realised that the pandemic was going to be a long term issue and that the design had to be refined and streamlined to meet continuing need, particularly amongst key workers. 

Gary Escott, managing director of SiteZone Safety said: “As we have seen, coronavirus continues to affect us adversely as we enter our second national quarantine.  It’s vital that we keep essential sectors operational, and do so safely. This is why we have refined our personnel distancing system, to be even more compact, effective and with a long battery life. Collectively, we have to adapt to keep Britain working where possible, and I’m confident that sound safety solutions like ours will lead the way.”

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