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Jacket lights up to prevent collisions

21 September 2016

Ongrade has launched the newest addition to its wearable anti-collision technology portfolio – Visijax high-visibility jackets, which light up to warn the wearer and oncoming vehicles of their proximity to each other. 

Visijax smart jackets and vests are manufactured by Visijax, part of the Wearable Technologies group of companies developing solutions for the industrial connected worker of the future.

Visijax and Ongrade have collaborated to integrate Ongrade’s SiteZone Radio-frequency identification (RFID) proximity warning alarm system across the full range of Visijax PPE jackets and vests which embed washable electronics to enhance worker safety.

Like SiteZone, the Visijax garments contain a two-way RFID warning device; transmitters contained in both the vehicle and the worker’s high visibility jacket or vest communicate with each other, providing a full 360-degree detection zone and the ability to see around corners. The vehicle on-board receiver detects the location of RFID tag-wearing personnel and alerts the driver and worker to each other’s presence to prevent a collision between the two.  

Visijax goes one step further and adds a visual dimension to the proximity warning system so the wearer is instantly warned and identifiable by vibration, sight, and by sound.