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Take your noise monitoring programme to the next level

08 December 2021

HAVING THE right solutions in place to measure and monitor the noise levels in your workplace is essential to protect your employees’ hearing from any lasting damage and protect your business’ reputation.

Cirrus Research has been exploring the wonders of the cloud and developing the MyCirrus cloud platform to make monitoring and storing the noise in your workplace easier than ever before.

Cloud-based noise monitoring made easy

The company says its Quantum Indoor noise monitoring solution from Cirrus Research is an advanced piece of acoustic technology that has been designed to ensure that your employees are appropriately protected against exposure to excessive noise levels within the workplace.

This cloud-based solution is ideal for unattended occupational noise monitoring; identifying the source and type of noise that is occurring and highlighting where noise control measures are required.

Ideal for a variety of applications, including but not exclusive to factories, warehouses, theatres, hospitals, and offices and call centres, this noise monitor provides a constant ear to the ground, continuously capturing and storing your noise data on the MyCirrus cloud platform for you to access whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Think outside the box with our comprehensive indoor noise monitoring solution

With Quantum, you can use a single monitor or link several units to create a cloud-connected network of noise monitors, which allows you to get the full picture of the noise impact in your workplace.

Each Quantum Indoor unit communicates with the MyCirrus cloud platform, sending noise data to it every second, allowing you to view live and historical data remotely, around the clock, from any device, anywhere.

This advanced noise solution captures both 1:1 and 1:3 octave band data alongside all other noise measurement parameters, which is stored in and is accessible through the Quantum portal. This information allows you to analyse your noise data in greater detail to better understand the nature of the noise in your workplace and its potential implications.

Access your noise data anytime, anywhere

The enhanced MyCirrus Cloud allows more access to your instruments than ever before. With the MyCirrus cloud, you can set up and configure the connections to your instruments, view the status of your instruments and control measurements and automatically download new measurements and schedule downloads.

Other key features include: 

  • Floor plan view to see the location of noise levels in your workplace and respond in real-time to noise events

  • Set audio triggers and real-time notifications to make it easier for you to act on noise issues quickly

  • Create detailed noise reports based on the data captured by your Quantum Indoor units.

Quantum Indoor is available with flexible subscription plans to the MyCirrus cloud platform, which allows you to increase the amount of data you can store as well as enhance the functionality of your Quantum noise monitoring network whenever you need to.

Find out more about Quantum Indoor and MyCirrus cloud on the Cirrus Research website