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Blackline Safety wins two product awards

08 June 2023

BLACKLIINE SAFETY has announced its recently launched G6 single-gas detector has been recognised for innovative product design by Red Dot, and for outstanding product development in the area of industrial hygiene by Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S).

“The Red Dot award validates the user-centered approach we took when collaborating on G6’s development with our design partner, Advanta Design,” said Phil Benson, vice president, product design and data analytics at Blackline Safety. “We kept HSE workers and their real-world tasks in mind through every step of the design process.”

Based in Germany, the Red Dot Award, is a globally recognised symbol of product design excellence. The company previously won a Red Dot Award in 2017 for its G7 product.

In addition to product design, G6 has been honoured for outstanding product development in the Gas and Vapor Monitoring category by OH&S through its 2023 Industrial Hygiene Awards. Now in its third year, the program honours outstanding product development achievements of health and safety manufacturers whose products or services are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve industrial hygiene. This is the ninth time in 10 years Blackline Safety has been awarded for its new product innovations by OH&S. 

Unveiled in late 2022, G6 is a fully connected and intuitive connected single-gas detector that leverages instant cloud connectivity and integrated location technology to help organisations quickly respond to incidents. Over time, data from G6 usage helps organisations get ahead of possible safety risks by leveraging visuals of high alarm rates and low compliance, as well as data insights from its analytics platform. 

“With this new technology, we’re bringing unprecedented levels of connectivity to industrial workplaces, helping to reduce the risk of injury, and bring proactive safety management to a new level,” said Cody Slater, CEO and chair, Blackline Safety. “We’re responding to a direct need in the market, giving safety managers higher performing technology to access reliable, actionable data at their fingertips.”

G6 also delivers expanded benefits such as a full-year battery life, lower total cost of ownership, and fewer false alarms. More importantly, it gives safety professionals access to the trusted data they need to manage their safety protocols, processes, and ongoing compliance more effectively and efficiently.

“We are honoured that G6 is receiving international attention for product design and innovation,” said Slater. “Our game-changing technology is revolutionising an industry that hasn’t changed in decades—and we continue to innovate and improve as part of our vison to transform the industrial workplace through technology.”

For more information, visit BlacklineSafety.com