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A world-class safety monitoring program requires a world-class solution

21 July 2017

Blackline Safety says its G7c is the world’s first connected gas detector to feature work-anywhere 3G wireless, modular gas detection and live monitoring.

G7c automatically connects workers in distress with monitoring personnel, and confidently informs responders of everyone’s well-being and whereabouts in real-time.

G7c is completely customisable. An exclusive modular design and highly-configurable device settings tailor gas detection and device functionality to every work environment. Select from three sizes of configurable cartridges and a range of gas sensors. Cartridges are field-replaceable, reducing device downtime and maintenance costs.

With the Blackline Live web portal, the safety status of every team member is visible at a glance on a real-time map, providing monitoring personnel with the situational awareness and critical insights necessary to expertly manage alerts. The online dashboard provides real-time indicators for G7c equipment use and communicates whether any devices are not compliant according to calibration or bump testing requirements.

Every second counts. Should a gas leak, health event or safety incident occur, G7c confidently empowers active and optimized emergency responses, accounting for everyone’s safety along the way.