Evacuation technology

23 September 2016

Supporting its new employee-worn Loner M6 device, Blackline Safety Europe's evacuation system is said to be the first of its kind to blend 3G communications, voice calling, two-way text messaging and real-time employee tracking throughout a facility.

Creation of Blackline’s evacuation technology was inspired by customer requirements to be able to quickly initiate an evacuation for workers in remote situations. The Canadian subsidiary of Cermaq Group AS deployed Blackline’s Loner Bridge System across their salmon farms on the West Coast of Canada to be used to initiate evacuations and monitor employee’s safety in the event of tsunamis or other inclement weather. 

Employee-worn Loner M6 and Loner 900 devices initiate a TeamAlert that includes an audible and visual alarm plus sends a message either by voice-recording or text messaging that provides critical evacuation instructions. Both devices include GPS location technology for use outdoors and are compatible with Blackline’s indoor location beacon technology.

Every employee’s location is updated in real-time on an interactive Google map within Blackline’s Live monitoring account with custom floor and site which provide valuable situational awareness — evacuation routes, muster points and safe areas can be highlighted on top of the Google Map. 

Blackline’s Live monitoring account pin-points employee locations every step of the way during the evacuation — including any personnel who may otherwise be left behind. With real-time situational knowledge, a rescue can be proactively managed, bringing everyone out to safe locations.

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