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Blackline Safety announces product enhancement update

27 February 2024

BLACKLINE SAFETY is delighted to announce a number of product enhancements soon to be released.

Designed to improve device functionality and safety as well as boosting compliance management and efficiency, they include:

  • New G6 features and cost-effective pricing plans
  • Firmware upgrade (FOTA) improvements
  • Simplified deployments via EU gas defaults
  • G7 Dock optimised for reactive gases
  • G7 & G7 EXO new cartridges
  • G7 EXO translator box for improved remote confined space monitoring
  • Expanded sensor support for area gas monitoring
  • API enhancements
  • Blackline Analytics visual refresh.


As of 1st November 2023, our award-winning connected single-gas detector G6 is now be available with multiple extra features; most significantly, real-time direct-to-cloud connectivity with GPS location for improved response in case of an event. Additional improvements are:

  • Emergency SOS
  • Expanded essential reports (Events, Events Map, Gas Exposures, Beacon Location, and Device Logs)
  • TWA gas sensor readings
  • Live gas readings on device display (configurable)
  • Indoor beacon support
  • Assigned user can be displayed on device
  • New multi-unit chargers (5 and 25 units)
  • G6 Protect and G6 Protect Plus pricing plans for flexible purchasing.

G6 now features the same real-time connectivity as our G7 product line. The new emergency SOS feature means that workers can trigger in critical situations to get help, and an expanded suite of data and reporting analytics.

The G6 connected single-gas detector uses instant cloud connectivity and location technology to help companies better protect their workers in industrial environments where exposure to toxic gases and hazards are common risks. 

Supporting H2S, CO, O2 or SO2 gas detection, G6 alerts the person when they have come into contact with gas—using attention-getting lights, sounds and vibrations—and sends immediate notifications to emergency contacts. In a situation where gas has rendered a worker unconscious, these notifications coupled with the new SOS functionality can be life-saving both for the down worker and for others in the area.  


From Spring 2024, we’ll also be unveiling a brand-new feature for G7 and G7 EXO, which really takes worker safety to a new level. By sharing alerts from one device with others in a defined radius, AlertLink magnifies any alert to expand protection to workers nearby.

Alerts will be triggered by SOS alerts, No Motion alerts, Fall detected, High Gas alerts and Over Limit alerts, and we’ve identified three key use cases for the feature:

  • To optimise fence line operation (EXO to EXO)
  • To provide immediate field level response (G7 to G7)
  • To notify workers during evacuation (EXO to G7).


Other enhancements coming to the award-winning EXO include flexible port configurations, auto-bump & 24/7 operations.

Flexible port configurations give the user increased flexibility as follows:

  • Chosen trigger options (select either or all by port) for:
  • Incoming text message or mass notification
  • Incoming AlertLink message
  • Low gas event
  • High gas event
  • Port Inversion Option for:
  • Normally open contacts
  • Normally closed contacts (fail-safe)

Automatic Bump & 24/7 Operations

In light of increasing regulation around Oil & Gas separation facilities and resultant fines for leaks, Blackline has developed a full, automated site monitoring system based around G7 EXO. Thanks to its easy ‘drop and go’ deployment, the system can be implemented quickly and will protect a site for months on end, courtesy of EXO’s 100+ day battery life. The added solar panel allows you to benefit from 24/7 continuous run-time. And now, with automatic bump (not easily offered by competitive alternatives), EXO will remain fully operational and compliant with no intervention required!

Blackline Analytics Improvements

And finally, we have also improved the Blackline Analytics experience! All reports have been redesigned to enrich usability for customers. In addition, we have:

  • Introduced new filter styles
  • Added an about page
  • Upgraded and improved five key reports:
  • Usage & compliance
  • Bump tests & calibrations
  • Devices and cartridges
  • Docks
  • Emailed Alerts report
  • Added new reports to the essential reports suite, and included essential reports with G6:
  • How to use Blackline Analytics
  • Emailed high gas exposures.

For more information, visit www.blacklinesafety.com