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ATEX-certified connected gas detector

12 April 2017

G7c from Blackline Safety is described as the world’s first ATEX-certified connected gas detector with 3G wireless, two-way speakerphone and live monitoring.

Gone are the days of traditional gas detectors that functioned like smoke alarms, notifying only the wearer of dangerous gas levels. With 3G connectivity and a built-in speakerphone, Blackline’s live 24/7 monitoring team automatically connects with workers in distress, managing real-time emergency responses or evacuations when required. 

G7c is Zone 0-certified for use in potentially explosive work environments. With Blackline’s exclusive modular design, teams can customize gas detectors to their working environments — choose between a single- or quad-gas cartridge, then select from a range of gas sensors including flammable gases, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen and carbon monoxide.

The Blackline Live web portal provides businesses with the opportunity to wirelessly configure G7c devices and track the compliance of their fleet. The online dashboard provides real-time indicators for G7c equipment use and whether any systems are not compliant according to calibration or bump testing requirements.

G7c communicates every safety incident and gas alert immediately, empowering an active and optimized emergency response.