Next gen monitoring system

20 April 2016

The next generation Loner M6 Series from Blackline Safety continuously monitors the safety of lone workers and alerts monitoring personnel in real-time if an accident, injury or assault occurs.

Loner M6 combines automatic incident detection, manual triggers, wireless communications and precise positioning technology into a compact and durable person-worn device.

Safety alerts are communicated to monitoring personnel in real-time. A new LiveResponse feature automatically illuminates a blue light on Loner M6, bringing comfort to the employee that the alert is being managed and help is on the way.

“Our new Loner M6 surpasses the requirements of the lone worker BS 8484 monitoring guideline that requires two-way voice communication with an Alarm Receiving Centre,” says Gavin Boorman, Managing Director at Blackline Safety Europe Ltd. “Speaking with our live monitoring partner, Securi-Guard, is completely automatic. When a safety alert is triggered, the worker can speak directly with monitoring personnel—all without pressing a button.”

Blackline’s Loner M6 series offers two devices to choose from. The Loner M6 model is available for all general work areas while Loner M6i is ATEX-certified intrinsically safe for use within hazardous environments where an explosive atmosphere may exist.

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