Area gas monitor

23 March 2020

Blackline Safety is now accepting pre-orders for G7 EXO, the industry’s first direct-to-cloud, drop-and-go area gas monitor with an unprecedented battery life of over 100 days.

G7 EXO, designed to withstand the harshest of conditions, addresses the challenges of traditional systems by introducing 4G cellular and satellite connectivity to deliver a user-friendly, long-lasting solution. Select customers and partners are now conducting G7 EXO field trials to experience firsthand the new era of area gas monitoring for oil and chemical terminals, fence lines and perimeters, spill sites, drilling rigs and facility maintenance projects. Launching Spring 2020, G7 EXO will enable businesses around the world to see the impact that cloud connectivity will have on operational efficiencies and their environmental, social and governance (ESG) programs.

“For the first time, businesses can remotely keep an eye on worksites alongside the safety of their teams using a single, seamless platform,” said Gavin Boorman, Managing Director of Blackline Safety Europe. “G7 EXO area gas monitors along with our G7 wearables continuously stream situational insights to the Blackline Safety Cloud, delivering a complete picture of a business’s operations. G7 EXO makes it easy for companies to adopt the latest in industrial cloud-connected technology so they can focus on their work while accounting for the wellbeing of workers and facilities along the way.”

With an industry-leading run time of over 100 days for a four-gas configuration, the G7 EXO can save hours in traveling from a jobsite to another location to change batteries. This enhances a team’s productivity by keeping them in the field longer and more focused on their job at hand.

G7 EXO is also easier to set up and maintain than any other area gas monitor on the market. While traditional area gas monitors require users to establish a mesh network that requires line of sight between monitors, G7 EXO offers instant connectivity when powered on. Competitors’ mesh networks are also vulnerable to communications interruptions and limit the number of devices as well as the service area range. In contrast, G7 EXO area gas monitors work around the globe and connect directly to the Blackline Safety Cloud without any range limits between area gas monitors and worker-worn G7 gas monitors. Since each G7 EXO and employee-worn monitor connects directly to the Blackline Safety Cloud, there is no need for industrial-grade smartphones, cellular gateways or Wi-Fi connections to link on-site personnel and area gas monitors to remote teams.

G7 EXO will work with cloud-hosted geographic zones that map a site into several areas to deliver a better way of alerting on-site personnel when there’s gas in the area. Connecting to the Blackline Cloud, G7 EXO alerts everyone in the zone through their G7 connected wearable monitors. Zones support an unlimited number of G7 EXO area gas monitors and G7 wearables, ensuring no one on the jobsite is unaware of a gas exposure in the area. By connecting to the Blackline cloud, live monitoring personnel are able to dispatch nearby responders or evacuate the area. No one is left unaware or behind.

Further strengthening worker safety and automation, G7 EXO also delivers:

  • Optional push-to-talk voice communication across 100 channels

  • The industry’s only 24/7 live monitoring service, provided by Blackline’s in-house Safety Operations Center (SOC) and its international network of partner Alarm Receiving Centers (ARC)

  • Standard diffusion operation with a four-channel pump launching in 2020

  • Modularity with plug-and-play cartridges that support more than 20 gas sensor options

  • Seamless integration with G7 wearables

  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to five gases

  • Cloud-stored configuration profiles for drop-and-go deployment

  • Automated usage and compliance reporting

  • Integrated GPS and location beacon positioning technology

  • Rugged aluminum subframe with rubberized bumpers for the harshest conditions