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Blackline Safety introduces data science offering

10 January 2020

Blackline Safety has launched Blackline Vision, a new data science offering to assist businesses with getting the most from their digital transformation.

Watch as Blackline Safety data scientist Lohrasp Seify explains how your business can advance safety and productivity with data science.

Blackline Vision bundles data science consulting with custom data design services and integration. Together, this new program helps businesses achieve a deeper understanding of their operations and safety programs, supporting data-driven decision-making. With Blackline Vision, businesses can:

  • Study movement patterns in order to optimise workflows

  • Deliver weather alerts to personnel who may face adverse conditions

  • Understand factors that affect productivity during intensive maintenance and construction projects

  • See how low-level gas levels in a facility correlate to recent shifts in process temperature and pressure

  • Understand the relationship between incidents and recency of employee training programs

  • Combine data from employee scheduling software with connected wearable usage to gain a larger view of usage compliance 

Blackline Vision also provides clients with the opportunity to draw on the large volumes of data generated by Blackline’s G7 line of connected safety wearables. Each employee-worn monitor continuously streams data to the Blackline Safety Cloud, providing a full overview of distributed workforces, with the option of automating emergency response and evacuation management.

Blackline Safety’s Data Scientist, Lohrasp Seify, talks about advancing safety & productivity with data science in the NSC Learning Labs

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