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Lone worker device with gas detection

28 November 2016

Described as the first turn-key, employee-worn safety monitoring device of its kind, Blackline Safety’s new G7 integrates voice communication and work –anywhere wireless with automatic detection of injuries, health events and even exposure to explosive or toxic gases.

The comprehensive safety device includes fall and no-motion detection, gas detection, a check-in system, an SOS latch, two-way texting, voice calling and GPS location reporting.

“Alarms don’t save people, people save people,” says Sean Stinson, VP product management and sales at Blackline. “Traditional personal gas detectors trigger an audible and visual alarm in the hope that a co-worker is nearby to hear and intervene. G7 changes the game by connecting the employee directly with live monitoring personnel who know the worker’s location—and any nearby colleagues—to deliver help in the shortest possible amount of time.”

Blackline’s monitoring portal, accessible from any internet-connected device, features a safety dashboard with a live view of devices and alerts. If an incident occurs, the account delivers the situational awareness and tools to manage the situation in the shortest time possible.

With G7, all gas sensor calibrations are communicated and stored wirelessly in real-time. Automatic reporting highlights the overall health of the fleet, ensuring optimum uptime.