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Single-gas detector with enhanced features

04 December 2023

BLACKLINE SAFETY has announced a significant upgrade to its G6 single-gas detector, adding new features and service plans to the life-saving wearable device.

G6 now features the same real-time connectivity as the company’s G7 product line. Additional new features include an emergency SOS that workers can trigger in critical situations to get help, and an expanded suite of data and reporting analytics. The device also supports indoor location technology. The company has introduced two new service plans—Protect and Protect Plus, starting at $10 per month—which bundle new features to fit within any safety program.

G6 is a connected single-gas detector that uses instant cloud connectivity and location technology to help companies better protect their workers in industrial environments where exposure to toxic gases and hazards are common risks.

Supporting H2SCOO2 or SO2 gas detection, G6 alerts the person when they have come into contact with gas—using attention-getting lights, sounds and vibrations—and sends immediate notifications to emergency contacts. In a situation where gas has rendered a worker unconscious, these notifications coupled with the new SOS functionality can be life-saving both for the down worker and for others in the area. 

G6 is powered by the company’s Blackline Live and Blackline Analytics platforms. Usage and compliance analytics enable companies to gain insights into when and where devices are being used and alerts occur, allowing them to address issues before they become dangerous and  optimise their safety programs. 

“We are further upping the standard for single-gas that we set last year. G6’s SOS feature makes sure workers can get help immediately when and where they need it, not just when they have been exposed to high gas. Added to that, real-time data around-the-clock, not just during an incident, allows companies to harness the information to improve worker safety and operational efficiencies,” said Cody Slater, Blackline’s CEO and chair.

A major energy company operating in the Permian Basin in Texas recently added G6 to its fleet of connected safety devices from Blackline Safety.

“G6 filled a gap in our safety program, as we needed an easy-to-use and maintain device more suited to temporary or short-time visitors on site. This freed up our Blackline G7 lone worker and multi-gas detectors for personnel in more hazard-prone situations,” said a company representative. “With BlacklineSafety, we get one partner and one platform to manage all our safety needs.”

G6 has a lifespan of four years and includes a rechargeable battery with up to one year battery life from a single charge.  Along with the new features, the company is introducing multi-unit charging stations—available in 5 or 25-unit configurations—which provide convenient charging options for customers’ G6 fleets. Existing G6 units in the field will be upgraded with new features through over-the-air firmware updates. 

G6 was recently named the 2023 IoT New Product of the Year by Occupational Health and Safety and received a Preventica Toulouse award for innovation in workplace safety. It has also landed a prestigious Red Dot award for innovative design and an Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) industrial hygiene outstanding product development award. 

For more information, visit www.blacklinesafety.com