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Real-time evacuation management

08 July 2016

Blackline Safety is expanding its Loner safety monitoring technology to include real-time evacuation management of commercial and industrial facilities. 

From natural disasters to security threats and process failures, emergency situations can happen anytime and affect anyone at a given location. To efficiently manage the situation, it’s crucial to quickly notify all affected personnel, initiate their evacuation and actively manage the process to ensure that everyone is accounted for at muster points or other safe locations.

Launching in July, Blackline’s evacuation capability will operate completely independent of a site’s power and communications infrastructure —including indoor location technology. Supporting Blackline’s new employee-worn Loner M6 device, this evacuation system is said to be the first of its kind to blend 3G communications, voice calling, two-way text messaging and real-time employee tracking throughout a facility.

Blackline’s alarm receiving centre partners initiate evacuations for clients and monitor employees’ progress in reaching muster points and designated safe areas. Employee-worn Loner M6 devices initiate a TeamAlert that includes an audible and visual alarm plus a voice recording that provides critical evacuation instructions. An intrinsically safe Loner M6 model is also available.