3G wireless gas detector

09 March 2017

Blackline Safety will demonstrate its new G7c at The Health & Safety Event. G7c is claimed to be the world’s first 3G-connected portable gas detection and lone worker monitoring system of its kind, targeting municipality, utility, water/waste water, chemical, energy and several other industries.

Employees working in these sectors are often required to wear a gas detector as they operate in areas where the risk of exposure to toxic or explosive gases is high. Traditional employee-worn gas detectors were ‘disconnected’ such that they offered only an audible alarm that the person wearing the device could hear. This often left an employee alone with no way to reach help in a toxic or hazardous gas environment.

“We have all heard of the situation where an individual in a plant or a facility succumbs to either lack of oxygen or the presence of a toxic gas,” says Cody Slater, CEO of Blackline Safety. “In too many cases, by the time anyone else is aware the worker is in danger, it is too late. With G7c, we can not only alert others instantly when a worker is in trouble but direct the right help to them, potentially saving their life.”

MD Gavin Boorman added: “G7c is the only portable gas detector on the market that combines 2G/3G connectivity, location technology, an internal speakerphone and two-way live voice calling. Should any incident occur — high gas is detected, a fall occurs or an employee calls for help — the monitoring team can speak directly with employees to manage the best possible emergency response, right to the employee’s location.”

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