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Arco issues Illegal Migration Bill statement

19 July 2023

ARCO IS disappointed to see that the Government have rejected a number of amendments to the Illegal Migration Bill, proposed by the House of Lords, to help protect victims of modern slavery.

Modern slavery is a brutal crime, and the Government's decision to not accept these changes risks strengthening the hand of its perpetrators. By turning down these amendments, and thereby removing vital support available for victims of modern slavery, the Government risks rolling back on the good progress made through the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

As an organisation committed to ethical trading, and as the first safety distributor to become members of the Ethical Trading Initiative, Arco are deeply concerned by the decision to not include these protections. The lack of protection and support afforded to victims of modern slavery, particularly those who have also been trafficked, disincentivises them from coming forward to ask for help. As a result, victims will be forced to remain silent, allowing crimes of modern slavery within supply chains, and in general, an opportunity to thrive. 

At Arco, we remain committed to using our relationships across the world to improve compliance, quality and ethical trading standards.