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Helmet applications

02 March 2018

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has unveiled its F&G range of helmets the F20, G30, G40 and G50, which uniquely cover welding, cutting and grinding applications with their flip-up visor design.

From the simplicity and high protection level of the F20 to the versatility of the G30 and the large inner visors of the G40 and G50, the F&G range of helmets is ESAB’s most versatile welding and grinding helmet solution. All models come with an “Air” option, indicating an optional ESAB PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator).

The F20 is a fixed shade helmet whose lightweight shell, comfortable headgear form the foundation of the F&G line. The F20 features a shade 10 mineral glass lens for welding and is available in viewing area options of 60 x 110mm or 90 x 110mm. A protective plastic lens gives facial protection when the flip lens is in the up position.

ESAB’s G30 helmets are suitable for both welding and grinding. The G30 contains a large (155 x 170mm) internal visor and an outer flip visor, allowing the user to combine visors and create different shade levels.

“We offer a number of different shade levels for the flip and inside lenses — which are also changeable — so users can create their own shade levels,” says Guy Shelverton, global product manager, ESAB. “The inner lens has shade options of clear, 2, 3 and 5, while the outer lens has shade level options of 5, 8 and 10.”

For example, for switching between plasma cutting and welding, users can select an inner shade level of 5 and an outer shade level of 5 for a combined shade 10. For welding and grinding, a shade 10 outer flip visor and clear inner visor makes it easy to weld, flip the visor up and grind with the clear lens. In addition, the outside visor doesn’t come down to fully cover the inside visor, allowing a small viewing area for setting up the weld. Once set up, viewing the weld just requires a slight tilt of the head for welding at the combined shade level.

The G40 and G50 contain a large, clear inside visor. The G40 features a fixed shade 10 mineral glass in the flip visor and viewing area options of 60 x 110mm or 90 x 110mm. The G50 features a solar-powered 97 x 47mm auto-darkening filter (ADF) in the flip visor that adjusts between shades 9 to 13.

“These are very robust and strong helmets, meeting or exceeding all applicable safety standards,” says Shelverton. “They are designed for use in harsh welding environments where there may be welding, cutting and grinding going on. They’re perfect for that kind of versatility and offer an affordable option for users who don’t need to spend a lot of money on a tier one welding helmet.”