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Hard hats head to UK

03 January 2018

Europe’s award-winning range of safety helmets by ENHA are now available in the UK and Ireland thanks to worker safety specialist Alpha Solway, part of Globus Group.

Well established and respected for head protection across mainland Europe with a reputation for quality and performance, ENHA’s extensive range of safety helmets has been designed to provide protection for workers across multiple sectors including construction, utilities, manufacturing, engineering, metal working and forestry.

The new range of hard hats provides safety managers with a fresh opportunity to reinvigorate the head protection provided to workers. Designed and manufactured in ENHA’s German facilities, using cutting edge technology and production techniques, all ENHA helmets conform to EN 397 having been tested under different temperatures between +50°C and -30°C.   

Products available include the Ranger safety helmet, featuring a patented, double walled impact absorption system - Crashbox. Proven to transmit significantly less energy to the suspension harness in the event of an impact from above, Crashbox absorbs the impact energy, not the user. 

The Ranger is joined by the specialist E-MAN range of safety helmets. These also include the Crashbox impact absorption protection system and are designed specifically for electricians and electrical engineers operating in workplaces where the hazard of an electrical arc flash extends up to 7000A.

Wider solutions include the Rockman series of safety helmets, offering excellent energy absorption impact rates, increased neck protection, self-releasing chin straps, high level comfort and a matt finish to the top of the helmet to prevent the appearance of scuff marks when not in use.

There is also a range of specialist Rockman solutions available for those working in engineering and metal working environments where risks include excessive heat, light and molten metal.  This is joined by a range specifically designed for forestry workers which includes sets that combine head, eye, face and hearing protection.