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Diverse range of solutions

23 January 2013

Alpha Solway offers an economical, user friendly and practical answer to your respiratory requirements...

As one of the leading manufacturers/suppliers of disposable respiratory products, Alpha Solway is pleased to have had an active role in the 'Clean Air? - Take Care!' campaign. The focus of the latest awareness program is to promote the necessity and importance of the correct selection, use and maintenance of RPE.

The Clean Air? - Take Care! Initiative from the HSE complements the Fit2Fit accreditation for fit testing, Not only should the correct RPE be issued, it should also fit correctly. Recognising the importance of the Fit2Fit accreditation we were the first RPE company to have all our staff involved in Fit Testing/Training accredited, demonstrating that our commitment and knowledge remains at the forefront.

To support these areas is the new Alpha Solway alphamesh. Features include a preformed nosebridge improving the fit, colour coded shell for ease of identification and fully adjustable headstrap. By offering the alphamesh in both cup shape and fold flat designs it caters for a greater number of users.

One of the most efficient disposable respirators available when selecting for fit testing is the 3030V which consistently out performs better known brands. With a 4 point strap adjustment, a full inner face seal and preformed nosebridge, the fit of the 3030V will be repeated time after time as it does not rely on the user to maintain a good seal.

With the diversity of the Alpha Solway range, the company is confident that it can offer an economical, user friendly and practical answer to your respiratory requirements.
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