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Alphamesh leads the way in colour code recognition

24 October 2013

Alpha Solway is a leading manufacturer and supplier of disposable respiratory protection, with an extensive range of fold flat and cup shape respirators suitable for a diverse selection of industries and uses.

The most unique of these is the alphamesh range; an exciting, colour-coded disposable respirator which consists of the alphamesh A-SERIES and the alphamesh 8000 SERIES. The patented alphamesh A-SERIES is a unique, metal free, adjustable fold flat respirator that features a preformed nose bridge which is both practical and easy to fit, whilst thealphamesh 8000 SERIES has all the same benefits but is a cup shaped design.

Combining the preformed metal free nosebridge, continuous loop adjustable headstrap,alphamesh also uses a colour-coded outer mesh, which makes user selection simple and recognition when wearing easy to identify.

The alphamesh ranges have been specifically developed since the introduction of Face Fit Testing, to solve many of the issues that commonly occur when conducting fit testing. alphamesh has been designed to improve wearer comfort whilst still maintaining an excellent fit and offer exceptional performance even in extreme conditions. The range now consistently out performs other disposable RPE when Fit Testing and sets a new benchmark for disposable RPE within the construction industry.