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Face mask expansion

20 November 2017

Disposable respirator manufacturer Alpha Solway has enhanced its 3000 Series of face masks with a new addition; the disposable 3030V+ which can be used for more than one shift.

In addition to having a more flexible life-span, the new 3030V+ is designed to provide FFP3 level protection against higher concentrations of dusts, solids and liquid aerosol particles.

Reducing the wearer’s exposure to airborne particles by a factor of 20, the new 3030V+ is suited for workers handling hazardous powders such as those found in the pharmaceutical, textile, iron and steel, mining and civil engineering sectors.

Extended performance is said to be delivered as a result of the 3030V+ being tested and approved to EN 149:2001+A1:2009 FFP3 R D, providing much greater economy in use and added longevity.

Breathing protection has also been combined with comfort and ease of use, the addition of the electrostatic filter delivering low breathing resistance, whilst the lightweight outer shell maintains excellent shape. It has also passed the Dolomite clogging test as part of EN 149 providing the wearer with better breathing resistance for longer.

The preformed nose bridge also removes the need for regular adjustment with the continuous loop head strap making the 3030V+ easy to fit and comfortable to wear.

“By their ‘disposable nature’ the vast majority of non-reusable (NR) masks have to be discarded at the end of a shift or sooner if they are heavily contaminated. The launch of the 3030V+ is significant in the marketplace in so far as it provides greater performance in a disposable mask, giving greater flexibility and choice for our customers. Approved to R D, it can be worn for more than one shift if needed, offering excellent cost in use benefits,” said Nick Moore, product marketing director of Alpha Solway.

“This type of in-use performance is usually only delivered through more expensive types of face mask and with the addition of our team of Alpha Solway specialists on hand to offer obligation-free technical guidance for protecting workers effectively against respiratory hazards, the new 3030V+ is a fantastic addition to our range,” added Nick.