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White paper for food and drink sector

21 July 2017

Alpha Solway, the UK manufacturer of protective clothing, has launched a new white paper providing essential advice on how to protect workers from chemical hazards in the food and drink sector.

The free 8-page e-book contains a wealth of information introducing the numerous types of chemical hazards faced by workers in the food and drink sector and the steps to effectively protect workers.

Information within the new e-book includes:

• An introduction to the chemical hazards present in the food & drink manufacturing sector

• Why contact with sensitisors should be avoided

• How commonly used chemicals can affect and attack clothing

• A guide to help you control the risk

• Key features to look for when choosing chemical protective clothing

The e-book has been created by Alpha Solway as part of the launch of a new range of chemical and waterproof protective clothing - Chemsol HG Lite.

For companies large and small operating in the food and drink manufacturing sector, there are an absolute wealth of chemical hazards workers can be exposed to, particularly given the focus on hygiene and cleaning regimes. 

The free e-book offers advice on effective ways to protect workers against those hazards, highlighting how the nature of chemicals can attack the PPE provided and what some of the key considerations need to be, Nick added.

To get a free copy of the white paper simply visit http://try.alphasolway.com/hg-lite-whitepaper/ and download a copy.