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Casella Launches the Apex2 Intrinsically Safe Pump

27 February 2017

Casella’s flagship air sampling pump the Apex2 is now approved for use in potentially explosive environments, such as those found in oil refining, mining and more.

The slimmest and lightest personal air sampling weighs in at just 490g which means that workers can wear the Apex2 for a full shift with little difficulty. The pump also features the highest flow rate stability on the market, ensuring that it will continue providing reliable results despite the type of dust suspected to be present.

With Bluetooth and wireless connectivity; the Apex2 can be monitored remotely when used with Casella’s own “Airwave” software. Now workers do not need to be distracted when take a reading; monitoring specialists can view the status of multiple air sampling pumps on a number of workers simultaneously, in addition to starting, stopping or even pausing the pump from a smart device. The software is simple and easy to use, providing real-time status updates, allowing collected data to be emailed alongside photos and notes, adding context to the data and further simplifying the reporting process.

Casella is committed to improving the long term health of workers; they are experts in monitoring solutions for noise dust and vibration. Find out more at www.casellasolutions.com