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With an instrumentation heritage spanning over 200 years, Casella’s focus is now on the monitoring of the leading  causes of occupational disease namely noise, vibration, dust and vapours. Casella also manufactures the  Boundary Guardian primarily aimed at the construction and demolition sector for ambient monitoring of these  agents as well as STORM Guardian for rainfall monitoring. Connectivity is a common theme across all these  products providing remote access to data either via the web or mobile platforms.
New for 2015, the dBadge2 personal noise dosimeter, Apex2 personal air sampling pump and Airwave App are  recently launched ‘connected’ products which have received a Commended Award from the British Safety Industry  Federation for Product Innovation. Featuring low energy Bluetooth, a first for this type of instrumentation, the App  allows remote noise and dust monitoring using a mobile device, without having to disturb the worker. The App also  allows summary data, photographs and notes to be emailed from the field leading to increased productivity for the  busy Industrial Hygienist or Health & Safety professional.




dBadge2 Personal Noise Dosimeter

Full colour display, optional audio recording and octave band analysis

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dBadge Personal Noise Dosimeter

The dBadge Noise Dosimeter measures and logs all workplace noise

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TUFF Personal Sampling Pump

Choice of maximum flow rate and functionality with three model variants

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Microdust Pro Real-Time Dust Monitor

Real-time graphical display of dust levels

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63x Sound Level Meter

Ideal sound level meter for environmental or occupational monitoring

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62x Sound level Meter

Simple operation

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24x Sound Level Meter

Simple two button operation

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HAVex Hand Arm Vibration Meter

Simple 3 button operation

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APEX2 Personal Sampling Pump

Bluetooth® Wireless Connectivity

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Casella's noise monitoring, dust and air quality measurement solutions

The Apex2 I.S personal air sampling pumps are intrinsically safe and compatible with the Casella Airwave App, to enable users to remotely start, pause or stop a measurement run and transmit data directly to multiple user inboxes, simplifying reporting.

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