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Casella launches online interactive tour

04 April 2024

CASELLA HAS has announced its newest training tool, an interactive workplace tour for noise monitoring practices.

The virtual tour is an educational software that provides users with an online, fully interactive experience in which participants learn how to use either a noise dosimeter or a sound level meter while touring a workplace.  

The interactive tour is designed as an introductory learning tool with first time users in mind that also serves as a refresher for those that only conduct noise monitoring infrequently. Users learn by taking control of noise instrumentation devices in a simulated workplace. 

The app also offers users the opportunity to set up and calibrate the devices with specific set up options for the UK and US that initially displays and explains the key features, functionality and components of a sound level meter or noise dosimeter.  

Users are taken through the full process of noise monitoring in a workplace including a portion of measurement recording that shows an example of results from a noise sample. Users are then shown how to conduct the subsequent downloading of this data from the instrument to a computer, all virtually.   

The software is free to access via the Casella website. To try Casella’s interactive tour, visit: https://www.casellasolutions.com/uk/en/Virtual-Tour.html