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App enhances personal dosimeter

28 November 2016

Noise monitoring specialists Cirrus Research has launched a new wireless App to enhance the features of its latest personal dosimeter, the doseBadge5.

Featuring a host of new advances, the doseBadge5 has now enhanced wireless technology to allow the instrument to communicate remotely with the doseBadge5 Wand and the dBLink App. 

The doseBadge5 Wand allows instruments to be started and stopped without disturbing the wearer and view measurement information via a mobile phone or IOS or Android controlled device.

If the doseBadge5 is running, the current measurement information can be displayed, allowing mid-shift readings to be obtained. If stopped, any stored measurements can still be reviewed.

The dBLink App for Android allows the doseBadge5 units to be configured, measurement information viewed and measurements started and stopped. Full configuration of the instruments can also be carried out through the App including the set-up of integrators and measurement timers.
This latest App adds to a range of new capabilities for the device which was developed by the in-house R&D team and launched earlier this year. It has a wide range of new USPs including data-logging facilities that can be specified down to the second, rather than the previous one-minute window.

Thomas Shelton, Cirrus Research marketing manager, said: “The latest app means the doseBadge5 is even more user friendly and taking the measurements no longer means disturbing the wearer. It gives more flexibility in terms of when and where the measurements are taken without compromising the accuracy of the readings.”