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Removal of gases, vapours & odours

05 July 2016

ULT AG provides its extraction and filtration system the ACD 1200 in various models for a wide range of applications.

A variety of filtration packages is available for tasks such as bonding, varnishing, laminating, printing, cleaning or moulding. Dependent upon the extraction capacity required, the unit might feature different vacuum modules.   

Application specific capturing elements help to extract hazardous vapours and gases directly at their place of origin offering the highest possible filtration within the ACD 1200 system. Both a specially designed filter combination and a thick layer of activated carbon enable a long contact time with the contaminated airflow and hence guarantee a high deposition rate of harmful pollutants as well as unpleasant odours. The gases and fumes are adsorbed effectively, and cleaned air can be fed back into the working environment.  

The ACD 1200 offers flexibility and can be equipped with various saturation filter units. Due to its design as a mobile system it can be utilised at changing workplaces.  

Additionally, there is an Ex-version for applications with explosive air mixtures. With its explosion-proof vacuum generator meeting the demands of ATEX EEx e II 2G the device has superior safety properties for Ex-protection. All electrical controls and displays are placed in a remote control unit. Therefore, there are no electrical ignition sources inside the device. Every filter element is connected to the unit’s grounding system in order to prevent electrostatic charges or sparks.