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Lifting capacity goes up

18 May 2016

When SEW Eurodrive elected to build its new, purpose-designed UK head office, production and service facility located in Normanton, West Yorkshire, a prime operational objective was to install a crane and hoist infrastructure that would prove pivotal in delivering maximum use of available floor space without impeding operational performance.

SEW called on the expertise of lifting equipment manufacturer Konecranes to adopt a design route that centred on an innovative configuration and a layout that utilised the building’s main steel structure to support both the gantries and interconnecting crane girders. By doing so, the need to incorporate upright supports and stanchions was negated, thereby ensuring SEW Eurodrive – a  manufacturer specialising in drive technology solutions – could capture as much open floor space as possible.

In addition to implementing a ‘freestanding’ gantry system approach, SEW Eurodrive also aspired to work with a supplier whose cranes could accommodate their own drives on the two, 10-tonne capacity single girder overhead cranes that are located within the service and repair workshop area. Spanning 15m and providing a lifting height of 8m, both cranes - equipped with Konecranes CXT electric wire hoists and featuring SEW Eurodrive’s 0.65kW travelling motor – can be operated together under master and slave radio control.