Noise monitoring eBooks

08 March 2016

Noise monitoring experts Cirrus Research are making life even easier for health and safety and environmental managers with the launch of two new eBooks.

Produced by its own in-house experts, the free guides comprehensively cover occupational and environmental noise measurement terminology respectively, acting as invaluable references guides within both industries.

As technology continues to progress, the most advanced sound level meters can now measure more than 100 different noise parameters at the same time and each parameter says something different about the type of noise it is measuring. 

Each free and downloadable eBook covers a range of terminology that will come up in every day NaW and environmental situations; explained in clear and concise language. They reveal more than 150 of the most common acoustic terms and includes a brief explanation of each parameter/noise term to help with noise measurements.

The Guides cover:

  • Key noise terms that every health & safety manager or environmental health officer needs to know
  • Descriptions of all the noise terminology and parameters for occupational or environmental noise monitoring
  • Explanations of the more general noise measurement terms used
  • Reference guide for the standards for sound level Meters, noise dosemeters and acoustic calibrators
  • For Cirrus customers, a look at what the different view screens on the Optimus Sound Level Meter can show you.

Click on the links below to download the eBooks:

Noise at Work Edition - 

Environmental Edition -