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Safe access for low level roofs

19 January 2016

Easi-Dec has developed a low level roof edge protection system in a bid to provide a cost and time effective alternative to scaffolding.

Designed to provide safe access and edge protection, contractors can now be confident in accessing low level rooftops such as single garage roofs or on a collection flat roof units.

Easi-Dec’s dedicated low level roof access platform system combined with edge protection allows contractors to work on the roof and sides of a building without moving the system. It provides continuous protection during repairs or inspection to specific areas of a flat roof, or whilst re-roofing work is being undertaken.

This system incorporates a 2m wide access platform on adjustable legs with winged gates to provide wider roof edge protection to EN13374 Class C and safe access up onto the roof.  To ensure safety while on top of the roof, it also includes body-guard systems with extensions to adapt to different roof lengths whilst still complying with EN13374 Class A and a sturdier and safer demarcation handrail rather than just tape or chains.  The Low Level Roof Edge Protection system can accommodate different width roofs and can be installed as a straight run to provide edge protection for specific roof areas, or connected at right angles around the perimeter of the roof for complete collective protection.

Due to its modular design, the system can be easily transported in a transit type van and easily fits into place. It is built on the ground and raised to the required working height and then fixed to the building.  Manufactured from lightweight aluminum, the platform is also quick and easy to set up, take down, move to another location, and then re-assemble.  It can be installed and ready to start work in less than 15 minutes, a huge time saving advantage over traditional scaffolding.  

“Contractors understand the importance of retaining profits and remaining safe when working at height, but at the same time, time equals money, so a safety system that will save them time and won’t cost them money in the long run is required” explains Soni Sheimar, General Manager at Easi-Dec.  “We recognised that this is particularly apparent on low level flat roofing projects, which require contractors to access the rooftop quickly to complete short duration works, such as repairing leaks or replacing a section of a roof.  It is for this reason that we developed the Easi-Dec Low Level Roof Edge Protection system.”

By opting for Easi-Dec’s Low Level Roof Edge Protection system, contractors will have a fully certified, safe and stable platform that will also save time and money on site.

For more information, visit www.easi-dec.co.uk