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Safe access for window fitters

08 August 2016

Window-Dec is a purpose designed access platform from Easi-Dec, the working at height safety specialist.

This safety platform provides window fitters with an effective way of installing replacement windows.

If sufficient safety measures aren’t taken, installing windows can be a dangerous job. Not only does the fitter have to work at height, but the job requires them to carry heavy materials up to the level they are working on.  On top of this, window fitters have to consider the amount of time it takes to install windows – the longer it takes to fit, the more money it costs.  It is for these reasons that Window-Dec has been designed with optimum safety, ease of installation and quick assembly in mind.

Incorporating a lifting mechanism for raising window panels up to the required height, the Window-Dec platform is available with a self-locking pulley system which is capable of lifting up to 75Kg. The platform has a hinged opening at the base through which the panel can be lifted, to avoid any unsafe leaning or stretching by the installers. The hinged opening is closed once the window is lifted onto the platform to maintain the platform’s integrity.

The Window–Dec platform creates a safe working platform extending to 2.5 metres. Installers can work comfortably using the 2500 mm x 880 mm wide platform size with a hinged opening of 2440 mm x 210 mm.

“Being an active member of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), our products adhere to health and safety standards”, explains Soni Sheimer, General Manager at Easi-Dec. “Window–Dec’s modular design makes it exceptionally lightweight and versatile. Amongst its many benefits, the platform can be erected easily and enables installers to be ready to start work in less than 10 minutes, thus saving the setting up time.”

The safety solution is manufactured from non-corrosive aluminium, making it lightweight and compact enough to enable easy storage and transportation. It also features individually height-adjustable legs which can cope with uneven or sloping ground.

Recognised as a member of Glass and Glazing Federation, Easi-Dec has a reputation for excellence in health and safety and has been relied upon to supply access platforms to the replacement window market for over 25 years.