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Mesh walkway offering expanded

21 September 2018

Easi-Dec, the working at height specialist, has modified its Board-Walk mesh walkway solution to enable both vertical and horizonal installation, providing specifiers, roofers, and contractors with a safety system that is useable in a wider variety of configurations. 

Particularly suited to fragile industrial roofs, Easi-Dec Board-Walk is a portable mesh walkway that provides a safer working position for roof maintenance. Running from the eaves to ridge, the system spreads the weight across the support battens, allowing the workers to confidently move along the full length of the system.  Made of high grade aluminium, the structure is lightweight, easily transportable and can be used on roof pitches up to 30 degrees.  

“Our Board-Walk system has been used on many industrial roofing applications, with contractors favouring it over other products due to how simple it is to fit, and end users appreciating the level of safety it provides those who have to access the roof,” Soni Sheimar, general manager at Easi-Dec, said.

“We wanted to widen the scope for this product, and with the increasing demand for safer accesses to valleys, we decided that the best option would be to modify the Board-Walk system to allow for it to be used horizontally so that it could be positioned along the valley.”

Each system is designed to fit individual roof sizes and configurations, so can be easily modified to suit the customer’s requirements. Thanks to this modification, Board-Walk can now be installed to run vertically up, or down, or horizontally across the roof. Existing vertical running systems can be upgraded with the addition of the new bespoke battens to suit individual requirements.