eLearning webinars

17 September 2015

Global eLearning provider EssentialSkillz, are hosting a series of webinars with the aim to help companies improve training efficiency by up to 200%.

The live one hour webinars are aimed at companies with more than 100 employees and will show how eLearning can provide real cost and time savings over traditional face to face training.

Each webinar details the costs associated with traditional training and DSE Risk Assessments. A full presentation of the EssentialSkillz Compliance eLearning system follows, demonstrating how using the integrated training rollout automation tools and online DSE Risk Assessment functionality can streamline training in any organisation with potential efficiency gains of up to 200% and significant cost savings.

"We have designed our LMS to help companies become more compliant and provide detailed reporting on the training rolled out across an organisation," said Julian Roberts, MD at EssentialSkillz. "Each webinar shows how effective eLearning can be, both from the trainees point of view and for managers who control the process. We also understand that training is often a blended approach, so our LMS can also track classroom training alongside eLearning."

The webinars are free and registration for the next session is available at