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New EssentialSkillz fire safety eLearning

04 July 2018

WITH THE heatwave showing no signs of letting up, fire safety is an increasing concern. The latest iteration of the EssentialSkillz Fire Safety eLearning Course has been updated with a role play to bring home the importance of taking prompt and correct action when an alarm sounds, or fire is discovered.

The Fire Safety eLearning Course is designed as entry-level understanding for all employees. The course educates them on the importance of following fire safety procedures. It reinforces the need to take an active role in spotting fire hazards and possible impediments to evacuation in their place of work.

The course follows Joe through the scenario of a fire in his workplace. The learner is shown the profound consequences of Joe’s initial poor response to the situation, and how his previous behaviour may have exacerbated it. The learner is then given the opportunity to rewind time and take different decisions on Joe’s behalf. If done correctly, these learner-led decisions lead to a more positive outcome.

Specific additional information is included in the course about Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs). These are explained both from the point of view of someone who needs a PEEP, and someone who might need to assist a colleague or visitor with a PEEP.

There is also a new section included which covers Emergency First Aid for non-specialists with basic advice on how to help a burns victim while waiting for the first responders.

Julian Roberts CEO of EssentialSkillz explained: “The new course adds a level of involvement in the learning that increases interest and retention in the learner. The course brings home the realisation that decisions you make every day, could make a life or death difference in an emergency.”

Throughout the 40-Minute course, there are a host of new interactions to engage learners with the content.

As with all eLearning courses from EssentialSkillz, the new Fire Safety eLearning course is SCORM compliant and editable to allow companies to include specific information about Fire Safety procedures in their workplace.

For more information and to request a free trial of the course, click here