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Turn your teams into lifesavers with free online CPR training from EssentialSkillz

05 February 2018

As part of their wider workplace wellbeing and CSR agenda, EssentialSkillz will be giving away copies of their SCORM compliant CPR Course free of charge to anyone who would like to distribute them to their employees. 

Julian Roberts, CEO, explained: “A customer of ours actually had an employee save a life on site after receiving training from this course, so we decided to make it freely available to all companies. You can register at www.essentialskillz.com/cpr to get a free copy of the SCORM file.”

Need a compliance focused Learning Management System?

If you are faced with rolling out compliance training on issues including Health & Safety to large numbers of employees and don’t have a system in place to support you, why not use this as an opportunity to take a free trial of the WorkWize Learning Management System (LMS)?

Using its unique Compliance Dashboard, you can quickly drill down to identify non-compliant teams, offices or individuals and effectively highlight compliance gaps to senior and line management.

Register for a Free Trial of WorkWize LMS Here.

Health & Safety eLearning Courses

EssentialSkillz offer over 40 courses covering all major aspects of Health & Safety and Business Protection.

The courses are continually reviewed and updated by the content team at EssentialSkillz to ensure that the training remains up to date and in line with current legislation.

Already in 2018, the team have been busy preparing a latest version of their GDPR Course, launching a brand-new course targeting Fraud Prevention and updating the existing Fire Wardens Course to include new interactions, additional information and more detail on the latest types of fire extinguishers.

To download a full list of all the courses on offer, click here.