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Industrial welding package

11 August 2015

Weldability-Sif has launched the SifWeld MTS 400, an electronically controlled MIG/MAG/MMA industrial welding package featuring IGBT inverter technology.

With clear digital displays, low-spatter, polarity reversal (for FCAW) and integral 4-roll wire feed system able to accommodate up to 15kg of wire spools, the unit is designed for use in heavy-duty fabrication applications such as structural steel and marine/shipyard tasks.

The SifWeld MTS 400 can be used to weld mild steel, low-alloy, stainless and aluminium in solid and flux-cored MIG applications. It can also be used for DC MMA welding (DC+/DC-) and scratch-start TIG welding.

Its control system allows variable control of welding voltage, wire feed speed, crater current and burnback. The power source also benefits from 4T/2T torch-latching and gas line purging. It offers a high duty-cycle for applications requiring long runs, and features adjustable burnback control.

The separate, removable 4-roll wire feed unit offers four gear driven rollers and a counter-balanced wire tension system for precision wire feeding. The wire feed unit houses the wire feed speed and voltage controls as well as the wire-inching feature, to provide you with complete control of your feed rate when used remotely via the interconnecting cables, up to 10m (optional extra).