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Ultra sensitive uvex Phynomic XS glove

30 April 2015

The impregnated coating of the uvex phynomic XS is so sensitive that it can be used on industrial touch screen monitors, saving the worker from having to remove their gloves every time they touch a screen and potentially putting themselves at risk.

Developed after extensive research by uvex, the largest glove manufacturer in Europe, the uvex phynomic XS fits like a second skin, while its natural touch ensures dexterity all the way to the fingertips. The combination of features make it the perfect glove for precision work, fine assembly and general maintenance in a variety of sectors, including aerospace, white goods, electronics, food and drink, oil and gas, utilities or any environment that uses touch screen technology.

Made entirely in Germany, the phynomic range offers a whole host of grip solutions in multiple application areas including both wet and dry environments. The uvex phynomic wet and XG versions are perfect for oily and greasy conditions, offering outstanding grip thanks to its revolutionary aqua polymer coating. Water and emulsions just roll off the glove, while oils are easily absorbed, giving the wearer total peace of mind that their hands will not slip.

uvex’s independently-accredited pure standard assures the wearer that their skin will not be irritated by the glove, a common problem with many workplace gloves. The durable uvex phynomic range is free from silicone, harmful solvents and allergens and is dermatologically approved.

For more information on all uvex products visit: www.uvex-safety.co.uk or contact uvex customer services on +44 (0)1252 731200.