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Find PPE that fits

04 April 2024

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE Equipment (PPE) must cater to diverse body types for effective protection. Ill-fitting gear poses safety risks, hampers performance, and lowers confidence. Uncomfortable PPE increases the likelihood of non-compliance.

Female workers in particular can face challenges finding appropriately sized PPE. Consideration of gender-specific characteristics, such as smaller Achilles tendons and lighter bone weight in women, is crucial for designing safety footwear. Custom insoles and special lasts for women are necessary to avoid discomfort and enhance protection.

Correctly fitting respiratory protection is also vital, with masks requiring a proper seal. Women's facial features differ from men's, making many facemask designs inadequate. Fit testing of eyewear with masks is recommended for optimal protection. In general, safety eyewear for women must offer optimal protection, a secure fit, and comfort throughout the workday.

Hearing protection should accommodate smaller ear canals in women to ensure comfort, effectiveness and accurate fitting to achieve the intended SNR.  Meanwhile, safety gloves should be supplied in appropriate sizes that don’t affect the wearer’s ability to carry out their work. 

At uvex we have long emphasised the importance of tailored PPE solutions rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. We provide "fit clinics" to aid decision-makers, considering factors like gender, body shape, and individual preferences. This approach minimises accidents, discomfort, and enhances productivity, offering consistent protection for workers of all shapes and sizes. We also offer a range of free resources to help PPE buyers and users to find suitable products that fit. This even includes an iPhone and iPad app that lets you take a picture of your feet and, after some algorithm magic, recommends safety shoes in exactly the size and width that will best fit you.

Find out more at: https://www.uvex-safety.co.uk/en/empowering-women-with-perfectly-fitted-ppe