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New DuPont Tychem 4000 S disposable coverall for comfortable and effective protection


New DuPont Tychem 4000 S disposable coverall for comfortable and effective protection

16 June 2014

DuPont, specialists in innovative body protection, is introducing a new Tychem coverall that provides a new alternative for workers seeking safe and comfortable protection in more demanding applications. Tychem 4000 S, made from DuPont Tyvek laminated with a chemical barrier film, presents wearers with an optimum barrier against a range of chemical environments and hazards while also being supple and lightweight.

"We believe that uncomfortable personal protective equipment (PPE) can influence non-compliance of safety procedures in the workplace, and that by developing  proper and comfortable PPE, we can help to improve compliance and thus reduce the risk of injury,” explains Chloe Caux-Wetherell, new product leader EMEA at DuPont Protection Technologies. "With this in mind, we consider the launch of Tychem 4000 S as a further step towards worker safety.”

The Tychem 4000 S garment provides a barrier to permeation by more than 100 inorganic and organic chemicals, including phenol, ethanol and methanol. As well as providing high chemical protection, the suppleness and flexibility of the fabric results in a lightweight, comfortable garment that is easy to wear.  Great care has also been placed in optimising the shape and fit of the garment, with the new garment benefiting from several smart design features, such as a double-zip and double-cuff systems, that enhance its user-acceptance and the overall protection it affords.  
For assistance with this new product, please visit protectiontechnologies.dupont.com/Tyvek800J?src=HSM_eNews