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One Product/One Price package

01 October 2013

Cirrus Research is offering a “One Product/One Price” package that covers all Noise at Work requirements through its Optimus Red noise measurement meters.

With no hidden extras at hidden costs, the Optimus Red can claim to be the industry leading product that coversALLareas of UK and European Noise at Work legislation, taking away any uncertainty for professionals looking for a Class 2 sound level meter. A sound level meter used for Noise at Work measurements should ideally meet Class 2 of the latest standards and all of the Optimus Red instruments meet or exceed this requirement.
"We know that it can be confusing for customers in terms of which product will meet their exact needs and that’s why we have the Optimus Red so they know it has absolutely everything covered for Noise at Work measurements,” explained Marketing Manager James Tingay.Some products on the market offer a basic noise measurement model but then you have to choose add-ons such as a data logging system. We decided to offer a one product/one price deal that we know covers all the Noise at Work requirements which is our specialism. That lets our clients go away and concentrate on their specialism - their core business.”
Included in the Optimus Red 162C as standard are:

• Data Logging of measurements and calibration records
• 1:1 octave filters
• Voice Tag Audio recording
• Single Timer
• TWA Dose