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Essential noise measuring in occupational and industrial hygiene

09 May 2013

With occupational noise and industrial hygiene, measuring the noise exposure of employees quickly and reliably is essential.

The Optimus Red sound level meter from Cirrus Research features the very latest digital technology and industrial design, making it the ideal instrument for carrying out noise measurements in such areas as occupational noise and industrial hygiene.

The Optimus Red contains the unique features of; an ergonomically designed case, a high resolution colour display and a 120 dB dynamic range combined with integrated noise functions and real time octave band filters.

The noise measuring instrument will measure every parameter simultaneously, so there is no possibility of setting the wrong function, with only the most important data being displayed on the screen. The measurement data is displayed in a clear and simple format along with a real-time noise chart so that you can see how the noise varies with time.

With just three button pushes you can start a measurement and get all of the information you need to assess and deal with noise issues.